Mission, Vision and Values


  • Producing food based on healthy lands, raising animals taking special care of their welfare.
  • We follow nature’s guidelines, always being aware of caring for and protecting the limited resources that it offers us. This is our main management policy, because we believe that this integral and holistic approach, where livestock and agriculture complement each other, is a paradigm that is totally opposed to the industrialization that prevails today although. We think that it is the most suitable production model.
  • Elaborating our products in our workshop adds value to our raw materials. We are inspired by a taste for cooking and by satisfying the aspiration of pleasing our end customers.
  • We sell our own fresh and manufactured products and those grown and cooked by third-party companies in order to complete our offer. Every product we sell has to meet the current organic certification requirements and be in compliance with production standards compatible with our philosophy.


We pursue the challenge of achieving total excellence in our products, being aware that we need to establish collaborations in order to keep growing. We partner with other farmers who share our principles and values of excellence at the same time they care for nature and animal welfare.

Thus, we work with the aim of leading a great family of honest farmers and ranchers who grow vegetables and raise animals accordingly with nature, to contribute to create a healthy and conscientious diet for our society.

Our challenge is to grow in the Spanish market, which is increasingly appreciating the spirit that sustains us. Our customers value more and more the organic origin of the product, its sustainability, the transparency in its production and our respect towards the environment. We do not forget the international market, where these values are already firmly established.

We want to become a benchmark for organic food in Spain and serve as a model for producers and consumers to value their local products, with a traceable origin, produced in an environmentally respectful way. We want to do it with sustainable, calm growth, in collaboration with other farmers who share our vision.

View of one of the beef plots


We believe that a better world and a better life are possible. So we have inherent and inalienable values, such as:

  • Excellence in all our activities from the origin to the end customer.
  • Care and improvement of the soil, the basis of our agro-livestock activity.
  • Animal Welfare.
  • Promotion of biodiversity.
  • Promotion of a healthy and diverse diet, based on our ecological farm model.
  • Control of the entire production chain, inspired by excellence from our raw materials until they reach the final consumer’s hands.
  • Commitment to integrate in our staff people with different abilities.
  • Promotion of the rural environment where we carry out our activity.
  • Professionalism of the work team.

Mobile chicken coop within one of the plots

We sell online and in different retail points of sale.

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