The Orchard

With the idea of creating a comprehensive agro-livestock farm, and with the commitment of promoting a healthy and diverse diet, we decided to cultivate an orchard on our farm.

Without having a plain land, which would have been the ideal situation, we decided that the plots near the main pond of the farm would be the best place to grow our vegetables organically. We have used the lower areas for the summer garden and the higher areas for the winter garden.

We prepared an area of almost 500,000 sq. yd to:
– Rotate crops in order to minimize the use of pests and protect the soil.
– Grant rest periods to land.

To improve the soil for the summer, we prepare a green compost with the sowing of a mixture of oats and vetch in a 70-30% proportion that guarantees the fertility and health of the soil. Oats provide us with organic matter and vetch provides us with nitrogen, both beneficial to provide quality and hollowness to our lands since they are a bit clay-like, thus having them prepared for the summer period.

In our garden we grow vegetables following the pace of the seasons. Seasonal vegetables became the main protagonists of our baskets from the beginning. We have always tried to obtain the maximum crop efficiency with the minimum effort.

The subscription to El Miracle vegetable baskets has been one of the main protagonists since the beginning of the development.

We use no synthetic chemical compound (fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide) in our ecological orchard. Weeds that appear in the garden are removed by hand or with a mechanical mule.

We fertilize with our manure the high areas reserved for winter. We compost it directly on the farm, thus obtaining quality products without adding anything artificial.

All the inputs that we use to cure the vegetables are totally natural and ecological. For example, we use nettle extract to control pests and also as foliar fertilizer, since it provides nitrogen to the plant.

We use biodegradable potato starch in the orchard as a substitute for plastic in the usage of protective mantle for the crop. It is placed before planting our vegetables as a natural anti-grass product, producing an organic decomposition when lifting the plantation.

Close-up of potato starch that acts as a crop protector avoiding the use of plastics. You can see our greenhouse in the background.

The rest of the crop, when the harvesting season is over, is also added to the soil to obtain organic matter.
We have to bear in mind that any nitrogen contribution to the soil has to be totally natural, since by ecological regulations it cannot be done in any other way.
A greenhouse was installed to complement the orchard. It is a smart greenhouse that regulates temperature and humidity by opening its windows and its roof keeping the indicated temperature at all times. We also have introduced the use of certain products to advance the vegetables and fruits cycle one month.
For safety and to guarantee the variety in our products catalogue we have established different commercial relationships with other organic producers in our area.

Our fruit trees compose groves with meadows where chickens and capons live.

Fruit Trees